Marmie Heads Home

I haven’t talked about it much so far this week, but my mom has been here since Sunday, hanging out with CootieGirl, taking a mini-vacation, and bringing me the new valances for my living room and dining room that she made for me.

A good time was had by all – it only took about 20 minutes for CootieGirl to warm up to her that first day, and CootieGirl is at such a fun time right now that it was nice just to WATCH CootieGirl do her thing. Too precious.

The valances are gorgeous and I can’t wait to install them this weekend. She did a great job and I can’t wait to get the dining room chair cushions and the valances for the sunroom that she’s currently working on. It’s nice to have a mom that is an excellent seamstress – way less pressure on me!

I was able to get her to watch tv shows she had never watched – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, World Poker Tour, Last Comic Standing. That is, she watched when her face wasn’t buried in the latest copy of “Southern Lady” magazine she brought with her.

She also did her regular mom stuff – cleaning my house and making it nicer than it was when she arrived. When I came home from work on Tuesday she had actually CLEANED OUR STOVETOP. I swear it’s compulsive with her – I take no offense because it’s one less thing Denis or I have to do!

So thanks, Marmie – for all the help this week, the lovely valances, and for the obvious love you have for CootieGirl.

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  1. Oh, yeah – and if she gets the cushions and whatnot done before I come up in July, then I can bring them wif me.

  2. Not enough to become a regular viewer, but enough that at one point when I flipped away during commercials she said, “Do you want to go back and see how that guy ended up?” She laughed at a few of the comments that the Fab Five made.

  3. It was my pleasure! Thanks for having me. I had so much fun hanging out, playing with adorable CootieGirl and helping where I could. Wish I could have had a couple more days to do more. Didn’t get any vacuum therapy this time. 😉

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