Making New Friends

Today I made a new friend. It was completely by accident, but isn’t that how we meet most of our friends?

I had my second 5K race today (more on that is in my weight blog), and when it was done I made my way back to Port Authority to catch the bus home. As I’m in line a woman behind me asked me if she was in the right line. We started talking, and as I saw her bus schedule to get to a bridal shower (it involved waiting for a transfer bus for 30 minutes), I offered her a ride instead. Deciding I wasn’t a kook, she took me up on the offer. I’m glad I offered – it gave me a chance to restore her faith in humanity. It turns out that last night while she and her boyfriend were doing some construction on her business property, a guy pulled a gun on them. Crazy, right? So after the guy got away and the cops did nothing, needless to say but they were both a bit frazzled and ending up staying awake most of the night.

I think I would have too.

So we talked as the bus made it’s way through NJ, and she was really nice to talk to – the kind of woman where conversation is EASY and just flows. It was quite similar to the comfortability that Ace and I had when we met a couple years ago.

Upon arriving at the Park n Ride I quickly drove home to get our map and then we were on our way. Within 30 minutes or so she was at the house where the bridal shower was taking place, arriving right on time instead of 20 minutes late, which the bus would have been.

We swapped info (she slipped me one of those brand new $20s for the hassle, but it wasn’t a hassle and she wouldn’t take the $20 back (it’s now in CootieGirl’s piggy bank)) and we plan on keeping in touch. She’s possibly interested in having Denis work on her company’s website, which is cool.

All in all, a nice post-race diversion, and a fun way to meet someone new.

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