Making a Concerted Effort

I’m super excited. Can you tell? No? I wish I had some sort of picture that could show you how! Kind of like this girl here:

Too much excited

With ticket prices being so expensive nowadays (I remember seeing Sting in the 1980s and complaining about paying $20 for some really good seats), it’s not often I’ll hear a band on the radio and think, “I really want to see them play live sometime!”

In recent years I have been to Atlanta to see Snow Patrol (2012), Raleigh to see U2 (2009), and Charlotte to see Idina Menzel (2008). I took the kids to see Big Time Rush last summer, too, but that was more for them than me. I’ve also been to a couple American Idol shows and many So You Think You Can Dance shows. But as far as pure CONCERTS, Snow Patrol and U2 are probably the biggest two.

The U2 show was a bit of a disaster and we didn’t even get to see Muse, the opening act, because we were still in traffic on the exit that led to the stadium.

So with ticket prices skyrocketing, I really have to pick and choose what concerts I’ll pay big bucks to go see. I was very, VERY sad to miss out on Muse when they opened for U2.

Tonight Denis had the local Charlotte Loafing mag open on the kitchen counter, and I saw a tiny little box that said, “Muse.”

“What’s THAT?” I asked. “Is that a show here in Charlotte????”

Denis confirmed that yes, Muse was coming to Charlotte. I immediately hopped online and bought two tickets. They aren’t the best seats in the world (people who read Cootiehog know how much I like to get REALLY good seats if I’m going to pay a lot of money, but I’m not going to complain because it’s MUSE! I’ve been wanting to see them live since 2008 when I first heard their music!!

This year I’m not only going to see Muse, though. Denis and I also got tickets to see The Monkees play a show in Raleigh this summer. The kids will be away at camp that week, so we are going to head out of town and see the show. We both really love The Monkees and are thrilled that they are playing a show in NC so we can see them. I saw them three times in concert in the 1980s during their initial reunion tour. That tour was sans Michael Nesmith. This tour DOES have Mike Nesmith. No Davy Jones though, since he passed away last year. I think we snagged tenth row seats for the show, which is going to be AMAZING.

The other concert I’ll be attending is Michael Buble. I hear he puts on a great show and I already know that his between song patter will probably be hilarious because he’s famous for having a great sense of humor. I talked a co-worker into going to this with me. Surprisingly, his tickets were the most expensive. But we got really good seats and I’m excited about it.

I don’t know of any other concerts that are coming to the area that I’m interested in, and I honestly can’t think of any other bands that I want/need to see right now. If The Who came to Charlotte I’d see them (I saw Roger Daltrey play a show in the early 1990s that was REALLY REALLY fun).

*sigh* I love music. I really, really do. Can’t wait to see all these shows?

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