Make That Four in the Basket!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been able to save a couple more baby fish fry in the aquarium. We now have FOUR baby fish in the breeding basket. Val is still the largest – easily 4x the side of the 2nd largest fry. The other two, which I found yesterday and this morning, are even smaller. The two I found this morning were quite by accident. I went to feed the fish and saw a fry against the glass of the tank by the basket. At first I just thought it was a really clear view of the one I caught a few days ago, but when I looked again I saw it was actually trapped in the gap between the glass and the netting – how it got in there I’ll never know, since the fry tend to stay among the rocks where they can hide from the adult fish.

So I grabbed my net and tried to get him out, but he got away from me and went back down to the rocks. I got out my equipment and was able to snag him a couple minutes later. As I was cleaning up after doing a 10% water change, I saw something dart across the rocks and sure enough – it was another fry.

So I snagged him because Mami Gourami was sniffing around looking for an early lunch.

We now have Val and three fry in the basket. And I officially now have too many fish because I really should only have seven platys in the tank, and I now have nine if you include the fry.

Anyone want to start a fishtank? I’ve got fish!

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