Mailing Lists Gone Wild

So sometime last year I joined the mailing list for Kathy Griffin. I’m a huge fan and the mailing list was great about keeping me informed about show dates, tv programs and general Kathy info.

However, sometime during the past twenty-four hours her mailing list has gone nuts, and I’ve received about 80 emails. And they keep coming. They are all going to my Yahoo email account, which I rarely use anymore, but I still notified that emails are coming in. I keep deleting them as they come in (they come in waves – in groups of 6-7), but I may just give up and do it all tonight when I get home from work (I can’t access Yahoo Mail from work). I’ve been deleting them via my cellphone access and it’s getting OLD.

Update at 2:05 p.m.: They finally seem to be slowing down, but I’ve gotten another 20 or so since my original post. But now they trickle in one at a time instead of 6-7 at a time. As soon as I get home I’m going to unsubscribe from the list.

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