Made My 10% WW Goal Today!

Today I went to a WW meeting near my office and am proud to report back that I lost 2 pounds and officially hit my 10% goal. For those that don’t know, WW weighs you at the beginning, and then your first weight loss goal is 10% of that start weight. Weigh 160 pounds? 16 pounds is your 10% goal. So today I hit my 10% goal and I’m very excited.

The leader gave me the cute little (cheap) keychain that all 10% people get. I mainly wanted it so that I could tell Nic at my office that she wasn’t the only one to lose 10%! *lol* I signed up for the “pay as you go” version of WW at the location near my office, which means that I can go every week, or once a month, but I only have to pay when I show up. Much nicer that way. I’ll probably go every other week unless I know I had a great week.

So I’ve done well on my first two personal goals. 1st goal: lost 30 pounds by Disney. 2nd goal: reach 10% WW goal. I’m not doing so great on my 3rd goal (20 pounds by Labor Day). Labor Day is only seven weeks away and I’ve only lost 5.5 pounds so far. I’m pushing it to try and lose 2 pounds a week the rest of the summer – I think 1.5 pounds is more realistic and that’s if I work REALLY hard and NEVER go over 1300 calories a day (which isn’t going to happen given our social calendar over the next 4-8 weeks). But I’ll take what I can get between now and Labor Day, and then will plan my next goal – for Thanksgiving. Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving there are 12 1/2 weeks. So maybe 15 pounds by T’giving? If I lose another 5 pounds by Labor Day, that’ll be 40 pounds total that I’ve lost thus far. Another 15 by Thanksgiving will be a healthy 55 pound loss since starting my weight loss project on December 11, 2007. It would be AWESOME to lose 55-60 pounds in one year. I’d be floating on air if that happens.

So let’s just concentrate on my current goal – I have 7 weeks to Labor Day. Let’s see if I can lose 5-10 pounds instead of pushing myself to lose 10-15. 5-10 is much more reasonable.

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  1. Congratulations! I have a 10% chain too and was very happy to get it, it’s funny how the little rewards become important with WW. Anyway, congratulations, good for you! 🙂

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