Love That Cowbell

So was I the only one that saw Will Farrell playing cowbell while Queens of the Stone Age sang on Saturday Night Live this past weekend? I’ve seen NO mention of it in the Blogosphere.

But sure enough – there he was, in full Blue Oyster Cult costume, jamming with the band on that cowbell. I laughed in delight and appreciated the fact that obviously the band has a good sense of humor.

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  1. No – *LOL* – No, you weren’t the only one.
    Matt and I were in tears when we saw this on Saturday night – I totally forgot to mention it to you.

    So funny …..

  2. To this day any time I hear a cowbell, I gotta do the line – “I got a fever – and the only cure is MORE cowbell, baby!” Sad thing is, so do my daughters!

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