Loudon Wainright III Wasn’t Lying

So for the past two weeks on my commute I’ve come across one particular spot on a local road that has a dead skunk that got hit by a car. The stench at first was unpleasant, but after a week as the skunk continued to decompose the smell became downright deadly.

What made the situation impossible was on Wednesday when the light turned red and my car was basically right next to the skunk. Within seconds my entire car filled with the foulest stench imaginable. It brought tears to my eyes and I tried to hold my breath so that I wouldn’t smell it. But that red light is a long one, and soon I had no choice but to take a breath and I just wanted to run screaming from my car.

Yesterday I learned my lesson and as soon as I came near the spot with the skunk I turned off the air conditioning in my car so that all vents were closed. Sure enough, I drive by the skunk and didn’t get a single whiff. It was pure heaven.

This morning I forgot – I left the air on. And once again my car passed by and the smell infiltrated through my venting system. I just wish someone (the county) would get rid of that skunk. Or at least hose down the area so that the skunk spray smell would go away. I feel bad for the businesses that are on that road – they must have lost a lot of patrons because of that skunk. I know *I’d* avoid that area.

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