Loud Car Ride

So before I went on maternity leave my truck’s air conditioner konked out. Then last week while my mom was here we drove the truck and when we were pulling into the driveway after our errands the truck started making a loud noise. Today I drove the truck to my doctor appointment and upon starting the engine it had that same loud sound and continued for a good sixty seconds before I pulled out of the driveway.

After my appointment I stopped at McDonald’s to get some food and while idling after paying it started making that sound again. The guy at the food window leaned out and just kind of looked at the hood, and I responded, “I think my car is about to die a loud death.” He laughed and handed me the food.

I got home fine, but I’m loathe to drive that truck long distances. I’ll take it to the pediatrician appointment, since they are less than a mile away, but that’s it until we can get the car over to a mechanic to find out what’s wrong with it. Because it’s NOT just the air conditioner.

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  1. What kind of loud noise is it? High pitched squeal? Low clunking or clanking sound? Muffler noise? I’ve had enough bad cars in my life to know which noise is a minor repair and which noise means it’s all over. 😉

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