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CootieGirl is sick and Denis is home with her today while CootieBoy is at daycare. She was up most of the night coughing. When I went to bed I brought her out from the kids’ room (since CootieBoy was asleep and I didn’t want her waking him) and she slept with us. However, she was coughing so much that none of us really slept. She kept coughing on both of us so I’m sure Denis and I will also come down with a nagging cough at some point in the next few days.

This day is dragging by here at work. This morning I did some mindless internet searches for one boss and just as I finished he came and asked me for more information so I had to basically start at the beginning of the list all over again. Not happy about that. Then, just as I finished my other boss came out from his office and gave me the exact same kind of project. Fortunately, that boss said I could wait and do it next week while he is on vacation, so I’ll wait ’til Monday to start on it.

Today I wore my new winter coat to the office and it’s a bit big so I may return it and get the next smaller size. It’s a nice leather coat in a camel color. I’ve never had a leather coat before, so I feel rather decadent in it. And it’s weird that I’ve officially thrown out my green jacket that I’ve had for the past four years. The thing was falling apart (as witnessed by the binder clip on the cuff of one sleeve that was there in place of a button for almost two years).

“Survivor: Palau” was interesting last night. I felt bad for that young guy getting the boot after one night. He should have been picked over Willard.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll post more later.

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  1. I was getting the impression that the folks didn’t want to seem to be discriminating against the older folks from the gitgo. I felt bad for him, too. Poor fella.

  2. I’m sorry, with regards to your comment “…..my green jacket ….” – J …

    I have to stop you there. That item of clothing was no more a jacket than my left foot. I must say that I am delighted to see the end of the so-called “jacket” and I am a big fan of your new “real” jacket. 🙂

  3. Actually, I bought that green jacket for myself originally and Jane took it from the get-go. Or something like that. Either way, we’re all glad it’s gone. Isn’t it good being an adult?

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