Lots Getting Done Today!

Spring break starts today. The kids are already bickering. Oh joy!

Last night we went to the Charlotte Knights game here in town. It was an exhibition game against the Chicago White Sox, which was fun. When we left in the 7th inning the Charlotte Knights were up 4-3. Haven’t looked to see if they won. The CWS scored a couple homeruns, but minor league ball fields seem so much smaller than major league fields that I wasn’t surprised. *lol*

This morning we dropped off Denis’s van to have some work done. Upon arriving home our awesome handyman arrived and began installing our new kitchen sink. It’s nice and deep!!! We’re also going to have him look at our refrigerator water line (to the ice maker and water dispenser). We haven’t used that thing in almost three years because it broke soon after we moved in the house.

We’re also getting our garage door fixed by another service – hopefully then our HOA will leave us alone and stop sending us ridiculous letters about the minor dent in our garage door.

Then it’s LANDSCAPING time! Today our mission is to clear out the space in the front and get down the new weed barrier and edging bricks. Our river rock (which we bought in bulk this time to save money) won’t be delivered until next weekend, so if we get it all cleared out and barriered today I may go ahead and head to the garden center to get the hostas and tree tomorrow and plant those so that it won’t look weird having this open, bare space in our front yard.

Oh, and my flower containers? BLOOMING!!! They are so lovely – I need to take pictures and post them. I’m VERY pleased.

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  1. HOA’s are a necessary EVIL aren’t they? Some of the people running them I think get a little power and go crazy with it. My sister had to remove a very small bunny ceramic in her little garden while her neighbor had all of these half naked posters of women hanging up in their bedrooms. I guess you can’t regulate what is inside the house but if you can see it from the street, I don’t know??? Hope your fridge line is an easy fix. I must have my fridge water. It’s the best!

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