Long Weekend

It’s already Wednesday and my weekend just ended.

I was supposed to come to work on Monday but CootieGirl started a post-shots fever on Sunday and basically Denis and I didn’t sleep a wink that night. And since Denis had appointments on Monday and daycare won’t take a feverish child, I stayed home with her all day attempting to force Pedialyte down her throat to keep her hydrated. Good times.

Yesterday I had the day off for various appointments, including my latest doctor appointment. All is well on that front – only two weeks to go and CootieBoy Cole will be here! Yippee!! I also had a maternity massage in the afternoon which was HEAVENLY and much needed this late in the pregnancy.

The only bad thing from yesterday was that the A/C in my truck went out yesterday morning. Nothing worse than driving on a hot humid day with no A/C. Especially when you have to be in your car basically all day as I did. At one point a summerstorm started and I had to close my window. But because I had to close my window in a stuffy car, my windows quickly fogged up. I turned on the “defroster” which didn’t do much good, so I ended up having to crack all my windows to get enough air to defog the windows. So now I was wet, hot and humid. Joy. The good news is that I’m only allowed to drive for another two weeks – after that I’m not allowed to drive until my 6-week doctor checkup. By then the weather will be considerably cooler, so I may be able to get away with fixing the A/C next spring before the weather heats up again.

Don’t remember much from the actual weekend – other than playing poker one night with Ace and Anthony. I played a lot tighter this time around and managed to do very well. Pity it wasn’t for real money! *lol* I’m finally catching on though, and was quite proud of my performance in the game.

Denis and I watched “The Barbarian Invasions” which was just so-so. I was expecting a lot more since it was Oscar-nominated, but it was simply average in my mind. Miraculously, Denis managed to stay awake during the whole thing despite the subtitles he had to endure!

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  1. Denis, I never saw you sleeping, and believe you me – I kept checking. You were reading a magazine for the most part, which is why you managed to stay awake through it.

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