Long Slow Recovery

Phew, I can’t believe it’s a new week. Last week seemed to go on forever and was incredibly chaotic. This week I plan to hibernate as much as possible when I’m not at work.

This weekend Gladys came to visit and she had fun playing with CootieGirl all weekend. It took only about 2 hours for CootieGirl to warm up to Gladys, and from then on it was smiles all around.

On Saturday morning our church held it’s 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt for the community and we had over 1000 people show up. I did not volunteer to work the event, but Denis did play official photographer and got some great shots. CootieGirl managed to snag two eggs (with Gladys’ help) but had more fun playing in the hay than inspecting the eggs.

Saturday afternoon the youth group from Alabama left and our house was finally our own. Gladys and I spent a good two hours cleaning the house from top to bottom while Denis did his real estate thing and ran some errands.

Saturday night some folks came over for the 2nd poker night. We had ten players, and I managed to double my money, which was nice. The big winner was Jonathan, who tripled his money. I believe Denis came out even. Gladys only lost half of her money and for the most part the other six players came out at zero at the end of the night. We’re going to host another night in June, and changed things up. We’re going to up the buy-in amount, and do two tables, round robin style. We’ll make folks switch seats around after each hand so Jonathan can’t take everyone’s money all at once. All in all, a nice easy-going night of fun!

On Sunday was our church Easter service. Brandon was home from college for the weekend so he was able to play guitar along with the worship team, and he really “made” the music. It just seems to flow really well when an acoustic guitar is added for flavor. Now if we can get a drummer we’ll be all set!

Yesterday afternoon I took a five hour nap. It was GLORIOUS. I plan on going to bed early tonight as well. We’ll see…

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  1. I think I wound up a few bucks. Whoo Hoo!!! I didn’t count. I let you cash me in. As long as I got my original money back, I was satisfied. It was a fun night.

  2. Just remember– I was the big loser the last time….Maybe in June I’ll get Ever to come down from Boston. 🙂

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