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As promised, here are a few shots of the living room that Jaynee fixed up. And the other good news is, one of our living room rugs was delivered today. You can see it in the pics. Hope you like.

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  1. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! It looks like a Designer’s
    challenge makeover! What an awesome look. Dad and I both love it. What a fantastic job!

  2. Jaynee does good work. The walls aren’t as yellow as some of these pictures make them out to be, but the place looks great. I thought it looked a little neutral last night. Jaynee said the pillows and the drapes will give the room some color. I hope we get those drapes at Thanksgiving. Thank you for all your help with those, Marmie. I’m sure they are going to look wonderful.

  3. The pics are well worth the weight! Your place looks fantastic! Cannot wait to see it in person! Great job! All of your hard work definitely paid off…

    Can you do your magic in my living room?? 🙂

  4. I can’t believe the transformation. Simply amazing. And like Lori, I can’t wait to see it in person. If the window treatments are done in time, I can bring them up with me in December.

  5. Other than the sunroom (which I hope to tackle in the new year), I will never paint a room in my house again. From now on – I pay people to paint. It was a LOT of work to paint these two rooms (the pictures really don’t show the dining room much).

    I’ve now painted the living room, dining room, CootieGirl’s room, our room, and the guest bedroom. Once the sunroom is done I will never paint again. EVER.

  6. The magazine you put out for display are very important in the impression you create. (See Woody Allen in Play It Again Sam). Recommended:
    The Economist, Illustrated London News, Country Life, Foreign Affairs, and the Virginia Quarterly Review.

  7. Yes, or the latest hot book out, strategically placed. 🙂 No window treatments until I have the *PATTERN* and the measurements. I do love the look even without anything on the windows. Very clean and fresh looking. We might rethink the look ~ perhaps just straight edged cornices ~ easy to make and install. Let me know, Jaynee, what you think.

  8. Bill, I was wondering if anyone could see the covers of the mags we had fanned out on the end table. They are US, People, Entertainment and another movie magazine. Not the Economist, etc. Sorry. The only reason we have any magazines to display is because we both took plane trips this past month and bought them at the airport.

    As far as the drapes go. No rush. I just thought part of the plan was to have them up before the party. I stil hope we do, but no pressure. I guess the pressure is on us to get you those dimensions. That’s something we should be able to do tonight.

  9. I think Mom intended on making the sunroom curtains first, but I agree that the living room curtains should take precedence. And I think it would be nice to have the curved valances, mom, if only to add some curve to the room (which is very linear right now).

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the FIREPLACE. I’m very proud of my painting work on the fireplace!

  10. I love the fireplace. And you even built a fire this past weekend. Didn’t do that all last year. And I was thinking of selling our half cord of wood to someone too.

  11. I built TWO fires in the fireplace this weekend since I couldn’t get the heat to work. One on Saturday, one on Sunday. It’s actually quite charming (if impractical).

  12. I did notice the fireplace, but I couldn’t take the time to post a longer comment. Now, I will:

    1. The fireplace looks awesome. I love the white contrast.

    2. The trim looks so bright!

    3. The hardwood floors are beautiful. Great color. The addition of the rug in front of the fireplace will be good.

    4. I think the curtains need to be simple (as Mom was suggesting) to remain in keeping with the overall look. Yes, it’s linear, but that’s not bad. You can add curve with round pillows, artwork/pictures.

    5. Suggestion: create a grouping of the pictures currently on your mantle over your sofa instead. It’s a large wall that can accommodate those three pictures nicely. Maybe add 2 more from upstairs that are in keeping with the wedding theme.

    6. Then you can put a smaller picture/mirror (round?) over the mantle with knick-knacks on the mantle shelf, like candles or smaller framed pictures, the angels you have, etc. A cohesive grouping of one of those things – not all of them, that would be too cluttered.

    7. That tree in the corner is looking pretty sad! 😆

    8. Maybe push the blue chair back so the edge of the arm is even with the edge of the table? How much room is between it and the fireplace?

    9. Do you have before pictures? Post them sometime so people who haven’t been to your house can see why we’re raving!

    Great job. It looks like a fantastic room.

  13. Ok ok, I totally forgot to mention the fireplace – It looks spectacular – Truly !!

    p.s. i still don’t think its your living room …

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