Living Room Carpet is GONE!

I meant to post and let you know that it’s official – the awful evergreen carpet in our living room is gone. The hardwoods underneath need a little bit of cleanup – we’ll sand them in a couple weeks and lay down a couple layers of floor wax to shine them up. But overall, I’m pleased that the carpet is finally up and out of there. I pulled the rug that was in our sunroom into the living room and now NOTHING in the living room matches – evergreen/pink/cream rug, black/grey loveseat, black chair, country blue/cream sofa, seamist green curtains, white walls. It’s a room for college kids, not adults in their 30s. But it’ll keep that look until we save up enough money to buy all new furniture – which could be one year or ten years. Who knows?

Now that the living room carpet is gone, the evergreen carpeting in the adjoining dining room doesn’t look so bad – it’s not as overwhelming as it was when the combined rooms had that color. It was just so dark.

Ace has volunteered to give us a large cream rug for the living room, at which point I may move the evergreen/pink/cream rug into the dining room to give the floor a bit more interest. It’ll totally clash with the previous owner’s wallpaper in there, but I hope to take that off in the next six months, so it’s not like it would be like that for long.

This week’s project is to strip the wallpaper in our bedroom and paint. I started that project but got nowhere fast – it really goes faster with two people doing it. Hopefully Denis and I can tackle a wall tonight. I’d love to have it completely stripped by tomorrow night, paint primer on Wednesday, then paint the color on Thursday night before my parents arrive in town for the weekend. We bought a delightful buttery yellow to go on the walls. I also painted the interior door we’re going to use as a headboard in a nice bright royal/navy blue color – a nice contrast to the light yellow walls. I really need to take a picture of the room before we get started and show you all what the “before” shot is. Because right now the room is awful.

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  1. I never thought I would be sitting here holding my baby girl reading jaynee describe paint as “a delightful buttery yellow” What have you done with Jane?

  2. Tara, you had better hop on AIM this minute. And yes, I’ve been replaced by a home decorating robot that loves hunting down the perfect shade of paint. Scary, innit?

  3. Thanks Jen you should see her now without the IV connected…she gets cuter by the second!!! I will send Jane another photo in which Grace is wearing a delightful buttery yellow!!! Truth be told Jen, was Jane always a Martha Stewart in disguise?

  4. Tara, no she was the anti-Martha in our family. If you had asked us who would most be like Martha, I would have gotten the most votes, right Jane?

  5. I never had carpeting my whole life. The closest I came was linoleum. Not that I finally have plush wall-to-wall carpet to walk upon, Jane tears it up. Go figure!

  6. Just a quick note about your headboard–I bought one made of an interior door and LOVED it!! Did you see it in Martha Stewart? It is just so different and beautiful. You’ll love it!

  7. Maggie, I actually saw the door-as-headboard in a magazine a couple years ago. I saved the pages for inspiration and decided to go ahead and do it when I saw a door sitting on a curb being thrown out by its owners. I took it home, where it sat in our basement until last week when I took it out and painted it.

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