Lion Cut

We had Stinky (our cat) groomed yesterday. Here is a pic of her with her new Lion’s cut. She loves it. Keeps her cool.

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  1. What a cute cat! My best friend has a Persian cat and when they give her the lion cut she stands in front of the mirror the rest of the day, just staring at herself.

  2. I woke her up from her nap. She was stunned, not pained. And that is one great cat. My favorite. And she loves me. Just like CootieGirl. *lol*

  3. She looks great!! I love Stinky, Jen. How could you not love a cat as cute and friendly as Stinky.

    She is the only cat I know who has a “Smoker’s Meow.”

  4. I don’t really hate the cat. She was feral when Jaynee first got her – and she hated me. We’ve reached detente since then, but I stick with my story of hating the cat.

  5. Jen, how can you stick to your story of hating the cat and say “I don’t really hate the cat.”? Spoken like a true mixed-up Republican. And I’m being kind with those words because I like you. Or is it I don’t really like you? No, I like you. Just being a mixed-up Republican for a second. *lol*

  6. 😆

    There’s a huge difference between my dislike for you cat (I’m ambivalent, really – don’t hate her, don’t love her) and politics. On politics I don’t waiver. My feelings for your cat are another matter.

  7. Hello..Can post my comment here? 🙂 I guess I can…
    I love your cat Stinky with lion’s cut..cute!
    and I also love your blog..enjoyed reading what you guys have built in years..of cause takes a lot of time thou..

    I’m from Korea..and will come again.. 🙂

  8. LOL! What a beautiful kitty! She’s looking at the camera like, “Oy! Finally! I was getting tired of hacking up fur balls every five minutes!”

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