Letting Me Sleep…

This morning CG and I got up around 8:30 a.m. and made it to the early church service. She opted to sit in the service with me instead of going into her classroom, and she behaved nicely as we listened to a sermon on one of the commandments she needs to work on: Do Not Lie. Hopefully some of it made its way into her thick skull.

As we left church I asked her where she wanted to get lunch – home or out. “Applebees!” she exlaimed excitedly. Uh. Okay. Sure. So we headed over to the nearby Applebees and were the first ones in the joint since it was barely 11 a.m. We ate a nice quiet lunch and then headed home.

CG was sad that I missed out on her puppet show yesterday, and asked if I’d sit for it today. Sure! I sat down on the floor and she proceeded to make me giggle for the next 20 minutes. Not because the puppet show was so funny, but SHE was so funny. She was a great MC and kept introducing the play over and over again. Then she climbed behind her screen (the coffee table covered in a blanket) and began getting her actors ready (a barbie doll and a stuffed animal frog). The play was “The Princess and the Frog” and she (as director of the play) kept having to tell her princess to get dressed because she couldn’t do the play naked). This conversation went on for a few minutes under the table, and finally CG crawled out and with a sheepish shrug she said, “The princess is naked – I have to get her some clothes,” and ran upstairs to get some barbie clothes.

At some point I got really tired (it’s hard sleeping alone in a big king-sized bed so I’ve been sleeping fitfully since Friday), and CG allowed me to lay on the sofa, and promised to play quietly. She was sure to wake me up every 10-15 minutes to make sure I knew she was playing quietly, too. Finally, after a couple hours of stops and starts I went ahead and got up and helped her put away the 100s of little toy pieces that were strewn all over the tv room.

She then asked for some tomato for a snack, which I gave her. And now we’ve come to 4:30 p.m. and she’s in her bathing suit and ready to head to the pool for a couple hours. She had fun in the pool last night and wants to go back again. She told me that I was NOT allowed in the pool again (I took my book last night and read while she played in the pool). She likes the independence she has in there. So we’ll do that in a little bit.

One of my neighborhood book ladies just stopped by to drop of this month’s pick (which I didn’t buy and so obviously haven’t read yet). I told her I’d give her “A Prayer for Owen Meany” but a quick look at all my bookcases didn’t turn it up. I KNOW that’s not a book I’d put in the attic – so I’m wondering if I loaned it to someone and didn’t get it back. That would suck. She needed to go (her husband was out waiting in the car), so I told her I’d look through my shelves again and bring it to the pool if I found it (she’s heading over there too).

CG came here into the office at some point and just leaned on me. A few seconds later she sighed and quietly said, “Mama, I miss Daddy and CB.” Me too, sweetie.

Okay, CG just announced she’s done with her tomato, so we’re heading to the pool. Later!

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  1. And I miss you guys (and Cootieboy) too, but I’ll be home before you know it. And I can’t wait to give you all lots of hugs and kisses.

  2. **looks up from behind his desk**

    Ummmmmmmmm….. “A Prayer for Owen Meany”… If it was a Tattered Paperback, then I may have your copy. I think you let me borrow it YEARS ago. I read the first two chapters and put it down… I found it about a month ago when I was cleaning out the office. Now, if I can only remember where I placed it. The funny thing is, is that I had no clue as to where it came from. I knew I had never bought it. When I find it, I will see if I can’t send it along.

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