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So let me tell you about the child I sponsored through Compassion International.   She is a 7-yr-old girl who lives with her mother and 4 siblings in Uganda.  She goes to school, to church, and loves playing games like jacks and ping-pong.   I’ll use her initials on here: OA

When I told CootieGirl about her tonight, she immediately ran into the other room to begin writing OA a letter.  Unfortunately, her letter was all about books, tv, and silly bands.  I patiently explained to CG that OA lives in Uganda is not as fortunate as CG and doesn’t have those kinds of things in her life.  She didn’t quite get it, so I put the DVD I got from Compassion and played it for her.  Then she kind of got the point, and put the letter away.

I have written our initial letter, and included a picture of our family, as encouraged by Compassion International.  I’ve been told to expect a response in several weeks as my letter makes its way to OA and she writes her own letter.

Her picture is a sad one.  She looks…like she’s had a hard life.  Her eyes are older than her years.  I’m hoping that 14 months from now, if I’m lucky enough to get an updated picture, that I see a much happier girl.  I’m hoping that my one small action is, in some small way, one form of encouragement to let her know she someone out there is thinking about her, praying for her.

Now let me tell you about the little boy from Burundi that we are sponsoring through World Vision.  His was born the day after CootieBoy and has a brother and two sisters.  He is not in school at this time, but he likes to play ball games and takes care of the animals in his home.  His initials are SK.

I sponsored him in part because of his birthday, and in part because of his picture.  He is staring at the camera, with a hint of doubt in his eyes.  Doubt.  What a horrible emotion for a child to feel.  No child should doubt anything – much less such basic things as “where will our next meal come from?” or “will I ever be able to go to school?”.  He is fortunate to have two living parents in a country ravaged by AIDS, but that doubt still makes him seem haunted.

Tonight I wrote each child a letter of introduction, that included a picture of our family as well as just some basic information to get the “conversations” started with each child.   I can’t wait to hear back from them – even if it’s not until March or April.

I fully intend to write them letters at least once a month, regardless of when I hear back.  Fortunately, I’m able to send little trinkets in the mail to them – hair ribbons, stationary, stickers, etc.   I know the kids will have fun picking out things they can send to OA and SK every month.

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  1. I know handwritten ones are so great but you do have the option to write online with Compassion and it gets to them faster!

  2. Amy – I know, but I thought my first letters should be handwritten. World Vision allows online letters as well. Chances are that moving forward most of the correspondence will be done online.

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