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Question: Is it sad or ironic that Gaiken is playing on my computer right now?

Okay, so last night was the premiere of “American Idol 4” and what a doozy it was. Obviously there were tons of really bad auditions, but none worse than the one at the end – Mary-who-forgot-her-meds.

Wow. Even after three previous seasons it astounds me that someone can truly not realize she is not a good singer. I mean, I’m a mediocre singer – I can carry a melody and don’t mind singing in public, but I know I’m not a superstar. There are no delusions on that front. But Mary Medication? Her “friends” need to be more honest and tell her she’s got no talent. Plain and simple.

As for the talented ones, I was really getting scared for that one woman who said if she can’t share her “gift” with people and sing then she’ll die. You know – the one that sold her WEDDING RING for $200 as opposed to her karaoke machine in order to get to the auditions. I said to Denis, “I’m really praying she can sing.” So I was happy when she began her audition and actually sounded decent. I’m glad she moved on to Hollywood, but I doubt she’ll be Top 32. We’ll see.

After “AI4” we watched “The Amazing Race 6” which we had Tivo’d.


I can’t tell you how GLAD GLAD GLAD I am that Jonathan and Victoria finally got booted. I would have gotten up and danced for joy if I hadn’t been parked on the sofa and buried under a really warm blanket.

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  2. I am surprised you didn’t mention the so-called “Band Video” or the so-called “School Video” like we didn’t know those people weren’t going to make it in. They acted as if those B&W videos were shot by someone the person knew.

    IMHO anyway.

    I liked almost everyone that made it through.

  3. Dito!!!! I did an extra long jig for you when J & V got booted last night, and what about his little speech at the end??? Is she a loon for being with him or what?

  4. Oh, she’s a loon alright. But he’s just as loony for being with a screeching drama queen. Think how much quieter the Race will be from now on.

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