Let’s Talk TV – New Season Debuts

Shows I watched last night:

How I Met Your Mother: How awesome was this episode? The awesomest opener yet. I thought it worked on almost every level and I LOVED the end tag with the Slap Bet Countdown. Enrique Iglesias and Mandy Moore were fun in their brief roles, and Barney ROCKS. So glad this show is back with new fun and hijinks.

Dancing With The Stars: As soon as Cheetah Girl started doing hip hop in her cha cha cha I knew Len would have a fit. And rightly so – doing deliberately NON ballroom moves in a ballroom dance is simply catering to the television audience. Fun, sure, but it’s not ballroom. Despite that, I loved the routine and her energy is AMAZING. Can’t WAIT to see her jive and quickstep routines when that time comes. The rest were merely blah for me.

Journeyman: I started to watch this, and gave up after about 20 minutes. As much as I love Kevin McKidd (and his AMAZING American accent which rivals Hugh Laurie especially considering just how thick McKidd’s real life Scottish accent is), I just couldn’t get into it. I did Tivo it in another room though, and will try to finish the episode to see if I needed to see the whole episode to understand what was going on. But as Denis and I discussed last night, “Do we need another time-traveling show?”

Chuck: I heart Chuck! And you know? Because he’s very reminiscent of Jim Halpert. And you know how much I love me some Jim Halpert. Chuck was a lot of fun – a great pilot episode. The cast is very nice – great to see Adam Baldwin found another show to be on – My Bodyguard is an awesome movie and I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Adam Baldwin because of it. Haven’t see My Bodyguard? Get the to Netflix and queue it up, posthaste! Anyway, I’ll keep Chuck on my Tivo list in the hopes it maintains it’s high level of fun.

Heroes: SARK! SARK! SARK IS KENSEI! How awesome is that? Hee. I liked most of this episode. I saw a few things coming from a mile away, but for the most part it was a decent season season opener. I love that HRG (Claire’s Dad) got to be a tough guy when his manager kept harping on him.

Yeah, that seems like a lot of TV in one night, but admittedly I speed-watched Dancing With the Stars, only watching the routines themselves and the judges comments. That cut the 90 minute show down to about 30 minutes. The only shows I watched “live” were HIMYM and Heroes.

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  1. Sped-watched? Heh.

    I agree about Cheetah Girl. I thought the ladies did pretty well. It’ll be interesting to see how the men compare.

    I’m hoping I remembered to set up Journeyman to record. I’m thinking I didn’t. Hmmm.

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