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So I’m reading the latest Harry Potter book – if you haven’t read it and don’t want read spoilers, don’t worry – I don’t have any.

Anyway, I’m up to page 630. And frankly, it’s not as good as everyone is saying. I mean, everyone says how “dark” it is – I don’t think it’s that dark so much as that boring.

In my opinion, book three, the Prisoner of Azkaban is the best of the series so far. That book had me at hello. For that reason, I can’t wait for the movie to come out this November so that I can (hopefully) enjoy it onscreen.

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  1. No need to comment on the fact that I was wrong about the release date of the next Harry Potter movie. Ace informed me it’s coming out July 2004. Oh well.

  2. Hi! I´m from Mexico. I was looking for some information about the next Harry Potter book. I hope you can tell me something about it.
    I think the lastest HP book is not as dark as it was announced to be but it is not as bad as you describe it I think is a nice book. Not an excellent book just a nice book.
    Write me if you want to talk about HP I´d very pleased if you write me

  3. I would like to reply to Jaynee’s comment. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Harry Potter. When nobody even thought twice about the series, I had to have been J.K’s number ONE fan. I loveeeeee the whole concept and frankly, I think the books are divine. I must admit though, The Order Of The Pheonix did have me a little upset. I expected that same “whats going to happen next feeling” once i began to read it, but instead I found myself day dreaming in the middle of paragraphs. I wouldn’t say it was boring, I would say that it seems as though she is starting to run out of magical ideas. Its almost like shes lost her touch or something I don’t know. She used to much detail I feel but over all I did enjoy the book. I’m glad to see that someone has some clue as to when the new movie will come to the movie screens nationwide. I do hate that we have to wait all the way until 2004 before we can see it.

    Please fee free to reply, argue, debate. Whatever, please… lets keep it intellectual.


  4. I am sorry to say that you are mistaken, nobody can make you not be bored just because you can’t see the great and marvolous writings in her fifth book. I believe firmly that it is her best work, and the story is wonderful. I’m sorry if you dont feel the same way

  5. GREAT NEWS!!! I was just listening to the radio
    about a week ago and you’ll never guess what I heard! They said that the sixth Harry Potter book is due out in JUNE of 2004!!! I’m not sure if its true but that is what they said. Isn’t that great!!

  6. Harry Potter is deffinatly one of the best charcators of our time . The books are a perfectly great read . J.k. Rowling did a wonderfull job on The order of the phoenix . I do agree a little wordy in places but excellent none the less . I really thought Hagrid was going to be the one killed , glad that was not the case . Can’t wait for number six and I hope it is in June of 2004 if not sooner !!! Can’t get enough . In the mean time Agatha Raisin by MC Beaton is a good read it is a series and will keep you all occupied , not quite Harry Potter but interesting .

  7. In book three Fred and George give Harry the Marauder’s map they show him all the ways out of hogwarts. They mention a path that’s blocked off like it had caved in. I believe there is something behind this barrier and we will find out about it later in the other two books

  8. Harry Potter 6 six will not come out for quite some time. At the rate that Rowling is writing the next book might come out 2000 pages long! If took 3 years for her to write the fifth book and if she keeps this pace up it will be published in a few years. It would never make it out on July 2004. It will come out when she is done. 😉

  9. I think the last part in book five when Dumbeldore tells harry the secret is just a couple of thoughts put together and I didn’t understand much but I still enjoyed the book though the Prisnor of Azkaban is my favourite book.

  10. I think all five books are interesting and it is like she watches the actual thing hapening and then takes jot notes and writes it out The imagination is really cool.

  11. Did you know the person that played Professor Dumbeldore in the movies die. I don’t think they could replace him. He was one of a kind. Who do you think they might put in his position?

  12. Hi. I from Toronto. I didn’t execpt much from the fifth book of Harry Potter did you? Can’t wait to read the next $ {2} books! Cu

  13. In book 3, Fred and George give Harry the marauder’s map that shows all of the ways out of Hogwarts. I was just wondering, who do you think MADE all of these exits. I don’t think any of the staff would deliberately make alternate entrances to Hogwarts. Plus,if they had, don’t you think that the current staff would have known about them? Still, it could have been adults. After all, Slytherin had made the Chamber of Secrets, hadn’t they?

    Hope to find some answers,

  14. I think Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the best book ever!!! I never got bored and thougt that J.K Rowling did a great job and she is not losing her touch. I also think that the book should be very detailed because it keeps us well informed.

  15. Did anybody else think that Fred and George should of had more lines in the movie? They bring all the comedy to Harry Potter and I was disappointed that rarely had any lines in the movie. I am also wondering why they didn’t have Peeves in the movies. If anybody else wants to comment, please write.

  16. jk rowling…is amazing…its incredible that one person can have so much imagination to catch the entire worlds mind…i hope the next book is out soon…i cant wait for the 3rd movie….i saw the previews…it looks great….

  17. The sixth Harry Potter book isn’t going to be released until 2005, after the third movie has been released. Also, the title for the sixth book is projected to be Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch.

  18. The sixth Harry Potter book isn’t going to be released until 2005, after the third movie has been released. Also, the title for the sixth book is projected to be Harry Potter and the Green Flame Torch.

  19. ok. the next book will be called harry potter and the mist of balgwarf. It will be released on april 1 2004. believe what you want and in the end you will see the truth was before you. hee hee/

  20. I think that the six book will mostly be about how Harry Potter will fight Voldermort and the seventh will be about what happens after the fight,(I really hope that Harry Wins) but then JK might kill him just like she killed Sirius. I was really mad at her for doing that!

  21. Harry Potter and The Green Flame Torch sounds to boring for the 6 book.ALL the other titles has seemed more interesting than that.EVen the first book title was more interesting.Anybody who would like to chat about this privately may do so.Just email me.I most likely wont be able to find this sight again.I hope she makes the book 2000 pages long.It will give you more story,imagination,and thought.I cant wait till the movie comes out most of all.Especially on the 5 book.With the Voldemort fight,Umbridge,Grawp,D.A.,and Ministry of Magic it will seem real interesting!

  22. I appreciate all the participants in this particular post, but at this time I’ve decided to CLOSE this comment thread. thanks for participating!

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