Let’s Call Her “Ebony,” Shall We?

A few weeks ago we decided to buy a new fridge.  With plans to put the house on the market, I felt that we’d be more likely to get a better offer with newer appliances – specifically, the fridge.  The dishwasher is only a couple years old, the stovetop is still decent, and the wall ovens are okay as well.  The fridge, however, had seen better days.

I went on a mission to find one that would fit in the space we have, not break our budget, and yet give us more room for food storage.

Enter Ebony Whirlpool.

I found her on the Lowe’s website.  She was priced within my budget, which was a good thing.  She came in black, which was a requirement since all our other appliances are black.  She was the right size, which is important since our fridge slides into a built-in cabinet space.   We held off making the purchase, which worked to our advantage.  Denis scored a 10% coupon that we could use.  I had a friend offer to buy our old fridge for $120.  I looked up on ebates.com and found I could get a $25 rebate.  And best of all, by waiting a week, the fridge went on sale for $100 less than the original price.  All total with discounts, rebates, coupons, the sale AND having a friend buy our old fridge, I spent HALF what I had expected to spend on a new fridge!


She was delivered this morning and she looks great.  We’ve already decorated her so that she’d fit right in (read: our huge collection of magnets are back up!).  After a brief internal debate over names, I have decided to call her Ebony.

Next up: sometime in the next few months I’ll begin researching kitchen countertops.  Knowing that any homebuyer will want granite or quartz, I’d like to get them and enjoy them for myself for a bit before selling the house to someone else!  My hope is that we have new countertops installed before our White Elephant party in December.

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