Let the Voting Begin!

In my Survivor game the voting has begun, with five of us already putting in our votes. All five of those votes have gone to F3, the woman I want to win the game since she was loyal to me right up until the end. I didn’t realize how much F4 had ticked off the other players – as much as she claims she befriended everyone, it turns out – not so much. And my F2 guy is getting NO VOTES so far – mainly because he didn’t DO anything but coast in the entire game. We have 13 people voting total, but only two of those have even checked in for the final tribal council, so we’ll have to wait until Sunday for the final results (the system automatically waits for the deadline, but will shortened the time you wait if everyone votes before the deadline).

In other news, at least 3 other players were also playing against gender – another woman also played as a man, but apparently it wasn’t so hidden since she named herself after a soap opera character (thus tipping off F3 that it was actually a woman). Another player playing with a girlish name was actually a guy.

Many of the players were in multiple games. In fact, the guy playing as a girl is a final three person in another game. I don’t know how they can possibly keep everything straight in multiple games, but I may give that a shot next season and see how it goes. I was so involved in this year’s game though that even with the one game I sometimes I had think twice before sending a PM to make sure I wasn’t giving away the cow with the milk.

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  1. I have next to no idea what the above post is about – will an English translation follow? Well, I have a vague idea I guess. On an unrelated note, I don’t know if you are down with the whole meme thing – but I’ve tagged you with one on my site – participation is completely optional.

  2. Canuck – all season long during “Survivor:China” I was participating in an online version of the game. That’s what the post is about.

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