Let The Games Begin!

So the annual March Madness has begun, and I have forty sheets in my office pool. A nice tidy sum of $400 to the winner. Last year Denis and I both were in the top three to win, but the wife of one of my co-workers won and took the $360 prize in last year’s pool.

This year I have two sheets in the pool, with Duke on one sheet (never gonna happen) and Kentucky on the other (could happen). I pick Kentucky every year, but they’ve only helped me win the pool once in the past seven years.

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Let the Games Begin!

The first-round review period for the second Project Greenlight contest has begun. I downloaded my first screenplay to review today. It’s called “Transit Karma.” Here is the log line for the flick. Actually, here are the three log lines I had to choose from. You decide which was the best choice.


Logline: A burnt out police detective, whose career and life have maintained a steady downward spiral, is given one last chance at redemption when he is assigned to a long forgotten unsolved case. As his investigation progresses, and as the case unfolds in unexpected ways, he begins to gain a fresh perspective on life and in the process learns to have one.

Title: Transit Karma

Logline: New York City, 1993: Lesbian Chic, AIDS, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Mic Goldman, a TV production assistant, must baby-sit a closeted lesbian sitcom star and her girlfriend at work while helping her best friend deal with his recent HIV diagnosis – and she’s falling in love with his social worker. Life and a subway ride propel her into a new realm of grief, love and pride.

Title: Wallbanger

Logline: We’re at the National Racquetball Championships in Miami and a young man from Nebraska arrives to try competing against the game’s legends. He’s with is alcoholic mother and paraplegic sister and they all experience the excitement, pain and romance that flows through this “Rocky On A Racquetball Court” story.

If you’ve signed up to be a reviewer for the contest. Don’t forget to login so you can get your choice of screenplays to read, and go to town. If you can, post your logline choices here.


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