Today is my last day for chocolate. Lent begins tomorrow and I’ve decided to give up chocolate again. Forty days. I was able to do it two years ago (and that’s when I was preggers with CootieGirl), so I’m sure I’ll have no problem this time around.

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I’ve decided to really sacrifice for Lent this year. I’ve decided to give up chocolate. Now those who know me well know that a commitment on my part to give up chocolate is pretty major. Especially while I’m pregnant and craving sweets 24 hours a day. When trying to determine what to give up, I took mental stock of all the chocolatey goodness in my house.

  • chocolates from the local Hallmark
  • Oreo cookies
  • Oreo cereal
  • Quik
  • Chocolate with chococlate flakes ice cream
  • granola bars with chocolate chips
  • fudge Pop-Tarts
  • chocolate candy for the movies
  • Brownies we made the other night
  • various Weight Watchers desserts containing chocolate

    And that’s just what I can think of right now without sifting through the cupboards. This is gonna be painful, people. Simply painful.

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    1. Chocolate is the hardest thing to give up. I did it one year for lent and it was agony. I think that was also the last year I gave anything up for lent. *hee*

      I’ll be praying that you can stick with it.

    2. What an inspiration you are! I think I could give up chocolate pretty easily so I may give up potato chips which are my all-time favorite snack food.

    3. If I were Denis, I think I’d be praying that you don’t give up chocolate. It’s bad enough to give it up in a normal mind set…but while pregnant…whoa! Good Luck!

    4. That’s alright. I’m giving up alcohol and sweets (cake, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, candy — you name it!) for Lent. At least I hope we can toast with a glass of champagne and a chocolate truffle or two when CootieGirl is born since Easter Sunday is April 20th. Of course, she might be early, and then we’ll have to hold off on that toast.

    5. I gave up Lent for Lent. I know, I know, Satan and I already set up an appointment to look at some molten lava-front property.

    6. I also gave up chocolate and pop for lent. Pop isn’t that hard, its only hard when I go out and restaurants don’t offer that many things to drink. Chocolate has been an agony. I can’t have chocolate milk, which I usually drink everyday, and the icecream in my freezer, and granola bars, and cookies. I really crave chocolate chip cookies, and my sister keeps eating them in front of me. Well good luck to you, and I will continue with this also.

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