Lent Is Over!

So Lent officially ended yesterday, which means chocolate was back on the menu! After church as the band was packing up the equipment, the bass player, Eric, asked if I wanted Starbucks. I almost said, “No, I gave up chocolate for Lent,” when I suddenly remembered that Lent was over.

“Yes, a small hot chocolate please.”

A few minutes later I sucked it down – it was delish. Then I enjoyed a couple pieces of chocolate from the Easter Bunny. And now this morning I have another cup of hot cocoa sitting at my desk.

But the best of all? My friend Ace sent me a package a couple weeks ago that was to remain closed until after Easter. Well, I opened it this morning and it is a Twix Bar – limited edition Dark Chocolate version. Mmmmm….dark chocolate.

Of course, here’s where the real “getting fit and losing weight” begins. The past forty days have been dead-easy because chocolate has not been allowed. Now I really have to work at it.

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  1. Now you can get back on the chocolate diet. I love chocolate but, for some reason I am able to eat it in moderation.

  2. Edward – I’m a chocolate addict so it’s very hard for me to stop at just one piece here, or one piece there. I’m the type that once a huge bag of M&Ms is open, I want the whole thing. Thus the need to lose weight! *lol*

    However, I did managed to lose 11 pounds through no chocolate and exercise during Lent, so I’m excited about continuing that trend to lose my ultimate goal of 50 pounds by year’s end!

  3. You forgot about the chocolate shake you got from Wendy’s right after church. You told me you had to take the band member home when you got home, but you never told me you stopped at Starbucks for hot chocolate. *lol*

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