Lego Harry Potter Is Here!!!

Yes, we got our copy of Lego Harry Potter today (a birthday gift from my sister)! As soon as we got home we popped it in the Wii and got to playing. CG pitched a fit when she realized that it was going to be Mama and CB playing, not her (she’s not very good playing videogames and when they play together they ALWAYS fight). However, she promised to be nice and so I let the two kids play while I attempted to direct them on what to do (to no avail). The kids just ran all over the place, speeding through the first 3 levels of Year 1 without regard for collecting anything that would garner true advancement in the game (like the gold blocks, the red blocks, the coins, etc.). And as much as I’m tempted to play the game all night long, I’ll refrain and we’ll pick up tomorrow exactly where we left off: in Hogwarts, wondering what the heck those red, green and black things are and how they are supposed to be used.

If you have the answer, please feel free to share.

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  1. Maybe some of the easier games like bowling and baseball. Not the Lego games though – not without some prior Wii experience (the learning curve for Cootieboy was large, and he was already 4 years old when we got the Wii).

  2. I take it back – when we got Lego Indiana Jones CB was just shy of 4 years old. And within a week he was playing like a champ. We’ll definitely give Jesse a chance to play and see if he can do it!

  3. Jesse has pretty good hand-eye coordination for his age. I think once he gets the hang of the controllers, he’ll do really well.

    And then he’ll be begging for a Wii for Christmas. *sigh*

    Maybe you should hide the Wii when we visit. LOL

  4. The Wii isn’t out in the open – it’s in a cabinet in our entertainment center (it’s just high enough my own kids BARELY reach it).

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