Lego Batman

CootieBoy and I finished our initial runthrough of “Lego Batman” on the Wii last night. So now we’re completely in freeplay mode, which is much better because you have more freedom in what you can do. I still like “Lego Indiana Jones” the best of the three Lego games we own, but Batman is a close second (with Star Wars a long distant third). What’s funny is that CootieBoy must think all games are Lego games because occasionally he’ll say, “I want Lego Spiderman!” or “I want Lego Little Einsteins!” as though those games might actually exist.

Tonight Denis is heading over to his Guy Night of playing the Wii. We’re going to load up his Mii onto one of our remotes so he can take it with him (one of the cool options with the Wii is the “take it with you” option) and play as himself. Should be a lot of fun.

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