Leaving for VA in a Bit

This weekend I leave Denis and the kids to fend for themselves while I drive with my uncle to NoVA to help my sister move. We’re taking a route that I’ve never taken before, but my uncle swears by. So the thinking is that we’ll arrive at my parents house around midnight, give or take.

My uncle arrived at my office an hour early, and once we leave here we’re actually going to go back to his office to drop off his truck for the weekend and he’ll pick it up on Sunday when we get back into town.

And don’t get me started on the keyboard thing – issues have arisen with that today and I can honestly say I’m GLAD I haven’t paid yet. I’m still hopeful that the guy is on vacation (after all, he has over 200 positive reviews – over half of which are as a seller). But if he is, it has been a long vacation since a guy who won something on July 20th hasn’t heard from the seller at all either. So I may be on the hunt for a keyboard again after all. Bummer.

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