Leaps and Bounds, People. Leaps and Bounds.

Can I brag on CootieBoy for a bit? Cuz seriously – he’s awesome.

He has been on medication for about a week now to reduce his tonsils in the hopes of avoiding a tonsillectomy. I’ve said many times that he hates taking medicine and it normally results in us pinning him down and forcing it down his gullet. As always, as the medication continues, at some point he resigns himself to taking it and doesn’t fight us. We reached that point last night. Last night I walked over and after about two minutes of him shaking his head or covering his mouth, he finally opened his mouth and dutifully swallowed the medicine. And this morning? No arguments whatsoever. He saw the bottle when I took it out of the fridge, and followed me to the sink where I filled the syringe, and promptly opened his mouth and swallowed it without complaint. YAY CootieBoy!

But that’s not all! I got home last night and Denis told me that CB’s teacher spoke with him last night. Apparently CB was on the playground at some point yesterday, when another little boy pushed CB to the ground. And what does CB do? He got up and went over to his teacher, where he told her the boy pushed him and hurt his feelings. HELLO! NO BITING! NO SCREAMING! NO KICKING! NO FIGHTING! I love that he went to his teacher. So when I got home I heaped ALL KINDS of praise on him for talking to his teacher.

Also, the chores and rewards chart is a hit. CB used the potty all day yesterday with no accidents. And this morning he didn’t even wait to be asked – he simply got up and took himself into the bathroom for his morning constitution. They have made their beds without complaint, brushed their teeth without complaint, and – in a big of bragging on CootieGirl – she didn’t whine at all yesterday. She had a brief moment where she began to whine and I quickly stopped it and corrected it and she was fine the rest of the night.

All in all, they are doing GREAT and I’m very proud of them!!

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  1. Yes, and when he and our neighbor’s son were fighting over a football last night and CB either got pushed down or hit, he came crying to me instead of retaliating so maybe our constant reinforcement is paying off.

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