Lazy Sunday and Fabulous Makeovers

Yesterday I went to Charlotte for a few hours to use a free ticket I had to the Charlotte Southern Women’s Show. It’s one of those big fairs that is dedicated to chick stuff. We went to the Christmas Show last year and only did half of it (the kids had meltdowns so we left without seeing everything). Yesterday I went by myself and enjoyed three hours all by myself just wandering around looking at stuff. I had thought about going with someone but am glad I went by myself. It was nice not having to feel like I needed to entertain anyone else.

The show was filled with makeup vendors, hair vendors, food vendors, home remodeling vendors, and tons of other gift/junk type vendors. I had hoped to pick up some good gifts for the ladies in my life who have birthdays coming up, or for Christmas, but they didn’t really have a lot of unique quirky gifts.

But that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend money. *lol*

I bought some apple strudel from Helmut’s – it’s supposed to be the big seller at each expo in the area. Upon arriving home we opened it up and cut into it. It really IS good. I also bought a bottle of blackberry-grape wine from a local vineyard. I tried a couple samples of their wines and this one was the tastiest (which is saying a lot since I generally HATE wine). Then I bought two bottles of BBQ sauce for Denis (as if the 20+ bottles we already have isn’t enough).

For me I bought three new noserings. I’ve been wearing the same stud for about eight years now – it’s time I get a few new ones. They had a body jewelry seller there, and they were selling 3 noserings for $5. So I picked some up. I am now wearing a cute sparkly stud in my nose. The other two were a slightly larger gauge silver stud and a small stud in the shape of a dolphin (it’s so small that you really have to look carefully to even see it’s a dolphin).

I also had a makeover done. Twice. Actually, I take that back. Clinique WASHED my face, and then a makeup company called Benefit did my makeup. The Clinque lady tried to talk me into buying over $90 in product (3 cleansers and moisturizer) and when I balked at the price she quickly found smaller sizes for me and I paid $45 for three cleansers (in sizes much more convenient), the moisturizer AND got some freebies like a makeup bag, eyeliner, eye cream and a sample size of the moisturizer. I then headed over to the Benefit area where I was told if I bought three items I’d get a free eyebrow wax (which I needed). The makeover was well done and I ended up buying three items mainly because they were really nice. I bought the undereye concealer, the foundation and some eye shadow cream. I headed over to the eyebrow wax lady and got my free wax. I was a bit perturbed because the woman was VERY talkative and as such didn’t pay attention like a woman in a salon would have. Therefore, it’s not the cleanest wax I’ve ever had, but they are better than they were yesterday morning. And it was free. So I suppose I can’t complain.

This morning I headed out to Harris Teeter again to take advantage of more triple coupon savings. I spent $16 for $44 worth of groceries. When I got home I went to make pancakes for the kids only to find we didn’t have eggs. So I had to run back out to get eggs. Grrrr…

Denis bought some Mets playoff tickets this morning, so by the time he was done with that and the kids finished their pancakes we knew there was no way we’d be able to get to church on time. So it’s a stay-home day today. CootieBoy and I are about to play some videogames. CootieGirl is playing quietly by herself. And Denis, well, Denis is off to the Obama rally in Charlotte to take pictures. I told him not to give in to the hype and he laughed and said, “Oh, I’m already hyped, baby!”

I shudder to think.

In some great news – I sold a blanket at my Etsy shop last night! YAY!!!

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