Last of the Smilies

I added 11 more smilies. I promise no more – I think I’m happy with the 50+ that I have now. Some are variations on the same theme, but I like variety, what can I say? I also reordered them so that the biggest (tallest) ones are on top and then progressively get smaller. My mild OCD feels better about that. However, my OCD could quite possibly force me to go in and group all the things together (all smiles together, all crying together, all mad together, etc.), but I’m resisting the temptation to do so.

But the Force is strong.

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  1. She’s doing much better, thanks Gail! I keep meaning to post an update over at her site and just haven’t gotten around to it. :11doh:

  2. :cheer:

    That was my favorite Icon… however,

    That one is a close second!

    Its nice what you have done with the place… next maybe a coat of paint and some new carpet?

  3. :lurking:

    While this is clearly me on your blog (which I love by the way and have been reading for about a month (found from fluid pudding which I found from one blog award site or another).

    But my favorite of your new smilies is:


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