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So here’s the story from last night at midnight, as posted on Scratch Mittens:


So apparently CootieBoy is sick and we didn’t even know it. Earlier this evening he spit up a bit with his final bottle, but I didn’t think anything of it because it was only a small amount and I figured he just ate a jar of baby food too fast.

He went to bed around 8 p.m. and fussed for a while, but eventually fell asleep. I was just about to go to bed and saw on the monitor that he was kind of listlessly moving at one end of the crib, and fussing with his pacifier.

When I got upstairs to the kids’ door I heard him begin to fuss, so I went in to soothe him and found that the room smelled of vomit and that his clothes were soaked as well as the sheet. No wonder he was up!

I quickly got him out of the crib and brought him into our room the change into clean clothes and a new diaper, when he threw up again. He was so calm and peaceful about it. He looked at me sleepily with a soft smile, and then HURL. Poor little guy.

We laid him on his side on the changing pad and he threw up again a few minutes later. We got him into some clean clothes at that point, and Denis was holding him to get him back to sleep, and he threw up again – but fortunately it all went on the cloth on Denis’ shoulder, not on Denis or CootieBoy.

Denis is down in our room with him now – we have soft music playing and CootieBoy is making some noises but seems okay (I think – I’ll have to go make sure the noises aren’t him throwing up again since he does it so quietly). We have a monitor for the kids’ room and I never heard him throw up once while he was in there this evening.

Okay, I just heard a weird cough from CootieBoy so I had better go back down there and make sure the fellas are doin’ all right. Oh – I just heard throw up and now crying. He’s definitely not okay.

Good night.

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