Land of the Living…Sort Of

So I’m back to the land of the living – but with one minor problem. My fever was gone as of Friday night at 9 p.m. (the highest it got in those 30 hours of fever was 101.4 around 4 p.m. on Friday). But starting yesterday my left knee began hurting whenever I kneeled or even took stairs. This morning when I woke up and began getting ready for work both my knee AND my ankle were hurting. By the time I got to Port Authority, BOTH kness were in pain on the stairs as well as the ankle. What’s going on??

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  1. I would say take it easy on the running for a couple of weeks…instead, do some light weight training on the legs. You want to be able to walk the Flea….

    But, what do I know…

  2. I agree – I mentioned the same thing to J. this am. That it was most likely the pounding she has been giving the pavement of late that has led to the sore knees and ankle joints.

    Poor Jaynee

  3. I plan on doing upper body weights and the pool tonight. No leg work, which sucks because my 5K is in two weeks so I need to TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!!!

  4. She might not necessarily have to pull out of the race, she has a good two weeks left. Swimming this evening and light weights which is good – Maybe buy her some Epsom Salts (sp?)?

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