Lactose Intolerant?

So Denis, Ace and Anthony all think I may be lactose intolerant. And that just sucks because I love milk. Especially chocolate milk. But I have noticed that whenever I drink milk my stomach just recoils in horror. When I started on Weight Watchers back on December 28, 2001 I gave up milk altogether because it was a waste of points. And I didn’t have stomach problems when I stuck to the points and didn’t have much milk. But the past few weeks I haven’t really been faithful to WW and have been having quite a bit of milk – not near the amounts I used to have, but significantly more than I had December – March. So, today begins a “no milk” week – and if I don’t have any stomach ailments then I’ll stop drinking milk. Although Chocolate Milk and Malibu Rum will still be on the menu when I feel like having an alcoholic beverage this summer.

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  1. Yeah, Ace mentioned that as a possibility – and they actually make chocolate soy milk that I like (I think it’s called “Chocolate Silk” or something like that). I’ll wait out the week and see if it’s even the milk causing problems. If it is, then soy it is!

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