Knee Hurting

Jane is still under the weather, or under it again. We both were recovering starting Saturday afternoon/night, but she started complaining about her knees and joints aching on Monday. I didn’t feel anything until last night when I got home from work. My left knee started killing me and it still hurts.

I have bad knees that have popped out of their sockets so I don’t think much of it when my knees ache, but this is different. So, far no fever for me, but last night Jaynee’s temperature shot up to 101.9. She’s trying to make an appointment to see her doctor this morning. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Still through all this, CootieGirl seems to be in good health and good spirits. Thank God for that.

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  1. I wondered if you had starting getting the same symptoms – that is so strange… The Dr. will surely be able to tell Jaynee whether it is a virus going around, especially with those very distinct symptoms. Will be praying for God’s touch upon you both today. Keep me posted.

  2. So, the doctor said Jaynee has the flu. We suspected that, but when she had other symptoms and a relapse, we didn’t know what to think. He gave her drugs for her migrains since the fever had gone away (for now). She’s home resting.

  3. Get over it soon and DON’T BRING IT HERE! Ok, that was strong…Please, don’t bring it here. Was that better? (I hate being sick.)

  4. That seems pretty harsh coming from dad. Are we sure that’s really him posting? At least I feel better. And Jaynee is just down to a migraine. You should be safe this weekend.

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