Kill Bill and Floors

Jaynee is in Virginia on her way to her college homecoming in N.C. I’m I’m holding down the fort as we have our living room and dining room floors sanded, stained and finished.

The workers left around 2:30 after they sanded, and the place stunk to high heaven, so I checked out. I grabbed a bite to eat at Chevy’s, then saw the movie “Kill Bill.” I liked it. Yes, very violent but an entertaining movie. I guess I’ll be seeing Vol. 2.

The other thing is we were warned that we need to seal off the other rooms of the house otherwise we’d be wipping dust off of things for weeks. Well, we did tape up the other rooms, but when I came home from the movies I noticed that the banister leading upstairs was very dusty. Yes, dust from the sanding, then I realized that my bathroom, our bedroom and the attic was dusty too. Fortunately, I closed the baby’s room and the guest bedroom right after the sanding started.

BTW, Jaynee is going to love the floors. The floor guys come back tomorrow to finish the job.

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  1. I too can’t wait to see the floors. I am sure they look fantastic. I look forward to helping ya’ll move the furniture back in.

    Dangblangit… I would have seen Kill Bill with you this weekend. You should have waited. Remember, that was one movie Jane and Anthony didn’t want to see. How often do we want to see the same movie?


  2. ttfn? Ta-ta for now? I’m so behind the times. I used to know what these things meant. Give me a call and maybe we can see “Elf” later today. Not sure if Anthony wants to see that, but it doesn’t matter if Jane does because she and I can’t see movies together because of O.

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