Kelly Will Win

I know I don’t need to say it – Kelly will win. In most respects I’m glad she’ll win, but she has some quirks that make me wish Justin would win. First, she never quite finishes her songs. She almost always starts laughing and winking at people before the song is truly over. She has that stare – you know the one. That blank look as though she’s not paying attention. She had it last night at the end of the show when the judges were giving their final encouragement. She just kind of blankly stared off into space as though she had shut down on the whole process. Lastly, sure she can perform, but WOW does Justin know how to work a crowd. And Justin just seemed so genuine last night. His smile could light a room. I was a big fan of Justin’s at the beginning until he apologized to Simon for his “rude” remarks (I laughed when he did it – I didn’t think it was rude). When he apologized I thought, “Well, so much for him being a man.” But he’s won me back. Kelly will win, and I’ll buy her CD for sure, but it’s Justin CD that I’ll buy first.

And lastly – why in the hell did Will Young win the UK Pop Idol? Ugh. Trust me – go buy Gareth Gates’ CD. He came in second and is a much better singer than Will Young.

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  1. I agree with your assessment. I think any contest has that element of the “losers” being the more interesting. American Idol has it with Justin and Tamyra. They both will have phemoninal music careers I think. Kelly will too, I see her headed for Broadway where her talent is better suited.

    Other examples are the Oscars where the better films don’t usually win Best Picture, or the Grammy’s where the Best New Artist is usually a one hit wonder.

  2. That’s all I’m getting. Of course, my comments are down b/c enetation is upgrading their server, so who knows who may have wanted to comment and wasn’t able to. Then again, maybe they just wanted to run away fast from that kingergarten picture of me. =)

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