Kelly, Kelly, Kelly

I told you she’d win. I’m surprised the margin was 58-42 though. I thought it would be closer than that. All in all, that two hour finale was a horrible spectacle – between Christina’s awful hair and Nikki’s insistence to be a microphone hog, I kept flipping away throughout much of the two hours. I did laugh out loud early in the show though, when…oh shoot. I can’t remember. It must not have been that funny after all.

So congrats, Kelly. And for all you lurkers let me state: Kelly Clarkson was not a stripper either. So stop searching on Google for that, too. Man there are a lot of pervs out there. *lol*

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  1. I thought that show was WAY TOO LONG! Holy cow…the funny parts were the Top Fives – worst auditioners and funniest responses to getting rejected.

    #2 worst auditioner was my personal favorite – the Bobbie Mohan-Cope wannabe. Her version of Lady Marmalade was priceless. #1’s rendition of Genie in a Bottle was fabu too…

    And who was better than the people who were awful yet thought they were AWESOME?

    Of the whole spectacle this summer, the first 2 episodes were my favorite…humiliation on national TV. I look forward to AI2 this winter.

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