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So I’m posting at 11:30 p.m. or so at night, so technically still Sunday. I missed last Sunday so I won’t be able to claim that I posted every day, but maybe I can get it down to just ONE day missed this month so that just once I’ll have each day covered with a post. We’ll see if that ever happens.

Not much to share, I suppose. Lots of miscellaneous stuff – I’ll save some posts for tomorrow (such as my movie review, a comment on my current book, etc.).

CootieBoy has a third tooth coming in. This one is in the upper front, but it’s over on the side so it’s not in line with his two bottom center teeth. He’ll look like a total redneck if those are the only three teeth he has for a long time.

CootieGirl is just a living doll. Each day she gets more funny and my love grows. Yesterday I put her down for a nap and decided to sit in her room for a few minutes while holding CootieBoy. CootieGirl just kept staring at CootieBoy, fighting sleep. And CootieBoy stared right back. I was watching CootieBoy, and I saw him grin at CootieGirl, so I turned and looked at CootieGirl and saw she was smiling back at him, total affection in her sleepy eyes. Moments later she was asleep – smile still playing softly at her lips. So sweet.

The church band played an “unplugged” set today – meaning only congas and toms for the drums, an acoustic guitar (albeit plugged in for volume), and my keyboard. Our guitarist, Ryan, is out on tour with his band and our bassist, Eric, is doing school stuff for the next couple of Sunday. It went well despite Obie’s acoustic guitar going out of tune sometimes (not Obie’s fault – it was the guitar). During our fourth song (“Enough”) he turned to me and mouthed, “I’m so sorry,” and I freaked and thought he had tuned the guitar incorrectly, thus making it not work with the keyboard. Then when I began playing I freaked out because it didn’t sound right, so I immediately stopped playing and let the guitar and congas be the only instruments. It was only later that Obie actually meant he was sorry that the guitar was slightly out of tune, not tuned incorrectly. Oh well – the song still sounded great and if anything allowed the harmonies to really come through.

I finally managed to dye my hair last night – I’m a brunette for now. The red is really just high maintenance so I figure I’ll be brunette for a couple months and then in July I’ll go blonde until the winter. Then I’ll go red again until spring. And so on and so on.

So my tooth is still sensitive for cold and tonight I did a boneheaded thing. I made myself a bowl of ice cream without even thinking about it, and the second I put a spoonful in my mouth I was howling in protest. Denis was walking through the room and I said, “Well I’m an idiot,” and told him about the ice cream hurting my tooth. He made a great suggestion and told me to make a shake instead and sip it through a straw. GREAT IDEA! I quickly whipped up a shake with my ice cream and used the straw. Shakey goodness. But no more ice cream for me until my tooth doesn’t hurt. I’m giving it until Tuesday morning (my day off) and if it is still sensitive then at 11 a.m. when their office opens I’m going to walk right in and demand that they fix it free of charge.

Okay, so now I’m going to bed. It’s 11:40 p.m. and I’m very tired.

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  1. Get some toothpaste for sensitive teeth. It takes a while for it to work because it’s one of those things that builds on itself, but it does work.

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