Just The Girls For A Few Days

So it’s just us girls for a few days. CootieBoy left this morning with Pop to head back to Virginia until Wednesday. And Denis doesn’t get back until Wednesday either. So it’s chick time!

Last night the kids were SO excited to be in each other’s presence again that they were practically bouncing off the walls. Pop and I could barely have a conversation because they kept screaming (in joy) and running around. We finally calmed them down with some pizza and juice, following by a Lego Indiana Jones demonstration for Pop. We even got him involved in our attempt to get a better time in the “Ancient City” unlockable (we beat our time, but only by three minutes – we suck).

Then I helped the kids put all their new stuff away (new school clothes courtesy of Marmie!) and put them to bed.

Pop and I chilled out watching “Long Way Round,” that awesome documentary I was telling you about yesterday. Fox Reality Channel reaired it and Pop liked it. Hopefully sometime he can catch the first four episodes (we only watched the last two), as well as catching the new show that starts on Sunday. I LOVE Ewan MacGregor – he’s so…NORMAL.

After we all went to bed, I couldn’t resist and put my new sheets and quilt on our bed. I need to go out and buy king size pillows for the shams – my regular pillows are pitifully small. *lol* The sheets are a weird texture – but nice and cool. I LOVED them, as well as the heavy quilt, but I can already see Denis complaining – because he hates sheets and blankets altogether. If he had his preference, it would be sleeping on top of a bare mattress with a practically flat pillow laying next to him. Barbarian.

I just tried to find out what CootieGirl wants to do today and she doesn’t want to go rollerskating, to the movies, to the pool or to the store. She doesn’t want breakfast, she doesn’t want to play the Wii. I guess she’s in decompress mode from her trip to Camp Grandma.

We got her kindergarten letter in the mail yesterday. We have her teacher assignment as well as our first teacher/parent conference time. I tried to look up the teacher on the school’s website but she must be new because her profile isn’t up there yet. I’m very excited for her.

Okay, well let me see if I can talk her into something for breakfast – maybe waffles or french toast with a peach on the side (Marmie informs me she loves peaches).

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  1. How sweet that they were excited to see each other. And I am glad you like the bedding. Did you put the bedskirt on as well? I do hope I’ll be able to get to the window treatments soon. Pray for me the next few days ~ my back isn’t doing great. CB and I may be doing some less strenuous activity this week. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go to the new air museum near Dulles. Enjoy your girlie time!

  2. Pop and CB arrived on the dot of 3pm. Pop said CB was great on the trip. First thing he did was to put together his Diego Lego house and assorted accessories with Pop’s help. Now we are getting ready to go to church followed by dinner at Red Robin. Will post more for you tomorrow. You and CG have a great night!

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