Just One of Those Days

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays, and that person is ME.

Today has been horrible, and it’s only 9:50 a.m.

Had to take an alternate route to work due to multiple accidents on my normal route. No biggie – managed to clock in only 5 minutes late.

Then I couldn’t find my office keys, and no one was around that had a master key to let me in. After waiting 10 minutes or so, I dumped out my entire purse and finally found them – they had no been in their normal pocket (I’m somewhat compulsive about where things are stored in my purse so I always know where everything is).

Let myself into my office, booted up my computer once, then had to do it again when Outlook wouldn’t open properly. Then had to do it AGAIN when Outlook finally opened but crashed my computer.

Then I got a call from the person who is approving my timecard since my boss is out of the office. She Skyped her screen so that I could see what she was doing – and SHE had to reboot when the timekeeper software crashed on her while we were going through my timecard.

FINALLY, my timecard got submitted, and I went back to my own desktop. Outlook had crashed again due to a computer-required add-on. Outlook finally opened, but it’s not connected to the network, so I can’t send or receive any emails. And every time I "snooze" my latest reminder that pops up, for some reason my internet browser opens to my online reporting software that I use – even though I’ve not clicked on ANYTHING to open my internet browser.

It’s now 9:50 a.m. and you want to know what I’ve gotten done thus far today? Nothing. A big fat nothing. And the fact that I’m going on next to no sleep is not helping. Last night we had major thunderstorms pass through our area which resulted in our dog Chilly freaking out all night – lots of pacing, panting, failed attempts to jump on our bed (he’s too old to make it that high), and whining.

I think I it’s a sign that I need to go home and go to bed and just let this day end already.

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