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One of the things about working for my current employer is that they take their sweet time getting replacements in for the admin staff. Case in point – Cute Admin has been gone since January and Hot Admin is still temping in her place and it’s JULY.

I brought to one boss’ attention that Broadway Girl was available to temp (she being the temp that stood in for me during my CootieGirl maternity leave in 2003) and he jumped at the opportunity. But then he promptly went on Jury Duty this week, which didn’t enable us to get B’way Girl in here for an interview with my bosses.

So I took charge and told my bosses that she was available starting July 18, and two of them were on board with her return. That’s good news – especially for Mare-Bear, who goes on a 2-week vacation a scant two weeks after I leave. She feared that NO ONE of any quality would be available those two weeks but if B’way Girl is here then she can rest easy that she won’t come back to total chaos.

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