Just Like Starting Over

Okay, so my so-called diet failed miserably post-Lent season. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t too bad – I only gained back 2 of the 9 pounds that I lost from February – March. But I was regularly gorging on chocolate and sweets until just yesterday.

But yesterday morning I began the South Beach Diet. A friend of mine recently said she lost 23 pounds in the first four months – which is encouragement enough for me since my original goal was to lose 5 pounds a month until December. So, for the next two weeks I’m as carb-free as I possibly can be – and I know it’s gonna be rough because when I’m bored/tired/hungry I seek out carbs like mama’s milk.

Yesterday was easy because I was so busy doing this brochure for my company. I had no breakfast, had chicken, lettuce and cauliflower for lunch, then for dinner Denis made an ad hoc beef stew and I only ate the beef. Today I again skipped breakfast (although I did drink some tea), then for lunch had two chicken breasts with low-fat mayo and onions on top. When I start to feel like snacking I pop an Altoid in my mouth, which satisfies the craving for flavor. Needless to say I should own Altoid stock with the amount of mints I’ll be having throughout my workdays. Tonight dinner is “on your own” since I’ll be at band practice. In the past I’ve come home and had a bowl of cereal, but I can’t do that now. So I think Denis is going to leave some shrimp in the fridge for me to cook up in an egg omelette.

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