Jeans Galore

Since losing weight over the past year, I’ve found I really only have one pair of jeans that fits correctly now. The other two pairs I have are HUGE on me – either too big in the waist or too baggy in the butt (which used to be a favorite feature back in my party days, but not so much anymore). Unfortunately, jeans are really expensive and given today’s economy, I can’t afford to just go out and spend $100 on a pair of jeans that I only wear on the weekends or in the morning when I take CootieBoy to daycare.

So love that I can find Cheap Jeans online for under $15. They are actually on sale for $13.80. That’s a great online clearance bargain! I’m all about finding Discount Clothes if and when at all possible. I just hope sites like Get Heavenly are still around CootieGirl is a bit older and I need to find Teen Clothes at such reasonable prices.

Get Heavenly offers more than just jeans. They also have cute tops and dresses (like the one to the left). The only negative I see of the site is that you can’t search by size. So if you see something you like, you have to actually click into it to see if it’s available in your size. I much prefer searching for my size and ONLY seeing listings that match. Saves a lot of time that way.

However, I’ll still probably take the time to surf through all their jeans and denim shorts to find things that fit me. Because $13.80 with free shipping opportunities are too hard to pass up when you only have one pair of jeans that fits!

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