Jaynee at LOTR Trilogy

Jaynee is one hour into her marathon Lord of the Rings Trilogy. She left the house at 6:40 this morning and won’t be coming home at all tonight. The third movie starts at 10 o’clock and probably doesn’t end until after 1 a.m. She is going to be sleeping over a friend’s house tonight.

Jaynee was going to blog from her phone this morning but she was having problems with the software. I’m sure she took pictures of the “freaks” on the line and she’ll share them soon.

Just wanted to pass the LOTR news along in case any of you were interested. I am home with CootieGirl and she has a baby modeling gig later today. I am trying to get her to take a nap but no good so far. But she is fading. Hopefully in the next five or ten minutes she’ll be out. Hard to MAKE a baby sleep. At least she’s not crying.

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