Jane Needs…

Found at my sister’s site:

Type “[your first name] needs” into Google’s search engine and list the first ten results. Nearly all will be amusing, but you’re supposed to underline the ones that are actually true about you.

Jane Needs…
a vacation! you don’t have to tell me twice!
your prayers again.
more time.
applause, admiration and appreciation.
to continue work on her interpersonal skills with her co-worker.
to kick out all the jams. I love this one
a date for a company party.
needs a reference.
to maintain her status as a lady. tee hee

Very funny, and that first one is very appropro!

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  1. hi my middle name is jane. and i was doing the (your name) needs google when i found your site. weird huh? : ) darla jane

  2. Denis needs to work on his size. (I’m dieting and exercising again.)
    Denis needs to work on his top speed and limit his offensive ventures
    Denis needs some American
    Denis needs to do a recall
    Denis needs every year lumberjacks to produce firewood logs
    Denis needs to pull his weight in the group home
    Denis needs him, and he needs Denis. (Of course)
    Denis needs all the support he can get
    Denis needs to follow-up on pending evaluations and their completions on the following officers
    Denis needs your assistance to help save his generation from the HIV/AIDS crisis

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