I’ve Joined Clix

Yesterday I added a new little button to my sidebar, for Clix!, which is a webring for bloggers who are part of Diarist.net. If more people click on my link I’ll go higher in the rankings.

I know it’s sad that I seek approval and such, but do me a favor, and click. It’ll make me feel good.

It’s funny because just a couple days ago Jhames and I were talking about how people get weird about their blogs – and how they get insulted if their traffic isn’t high. Well, I’m ecstatic by just how many people come here – trust me on that. When I had just a normal webpage NO ONE came to see it. So the fact that you people actually are interested in the mundane chatter that is our life together is quite humbling.

But humility is not as much fun as competition So clix me!

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  1. No one came to your other web sites because you never updated the content. I always tell you that if it isn’t fresh, no one is going to want to see it. It’s like coffee. Once the pot has been sitting around for awhile, no one wants to drink of it and you have to brew a new one. Now you’re making coffee.

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