I’ve Got It! The Perfect Floorplan!

Okay, so a couple nights ago I discovered another floor plan that was in many ways very similar to a floorplan I posted a couple days ago. The main difference was the new floorplan was a little bigger (2600 sq ft instead of 2400 sq ft). And instead of four bedrooms it had three.

I spent an hour looking at both plans, and realized what it was that I liked about each house. And so last night I sat down and created the perfect house. Using the left side of the first house, and the right side of the second house, with a bumpout of the great room to make one huge entertaining area (very important for our White Elephant parties). Add on a covered porch in the back and voila – it’s the perfect house.

I want it. Oh how I wish the housing market were good right now so we could start building on our land and sell our current house. Because the more I look at this floorplan, the more I want it. *lol* It comes out at about 2600 sq ft – which is smaller than we have now, which is perfect.

Now, my Photoshop skillz aren’t the greatest, so there are a couple hiccups in my photo. For instance, on the colored side, there’s not supposed to be a bumpout by the front porch where the half bath is – that should be even with the b/w side of the house. But I didn’t make it even because it made the right side look kind of squooshed. So I left it so that it wouldn’t look like that.

Anyway, take a look. Don’t you love it (you can click it to make it bigger)?

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  1. Nice floorplan. Your diagram has a scaling issue…the left side shows the great room at 18-6 x 23-6, but the 18-6 is longer than the Owner’s retreat 20′ wall. The left side is too large, which will make the overhang on the porch larger. That could be a good thing, as it may provide a sidewall to that porch to give some weather protection. Otherwise, a nice design overall.

  2. Yes, I know the scaling is off – as I said, I had to piece together to photos from two separate homeplan sites, and no doubt their scales don’t match. But the point is not so much the room sizes but the flow of this entire plan. I want the three bedrooms on the left side of the house. I want a big great room similar to the one you and Mom had in your old house, with a large kitchen that’s still open to the room. I want a private masterbedroom. I want good storage space in the garage. I want a home office that’s open to the rest of the house. I want a mini mudroom off the garage so our junk doesn’t overtake the foyer. I don’t want to take the stairs to do laundry or put it away. I don’t want a dining room – just an eat-in area by the kitchen. I want a homework station for the kids so they don’t clutter the kitchen table with their junk…er…important school books. See, I don’t ask for much! And fortunately this floorplan just about covers everything. AND if we decide to be decadent and have a home theater, we can do the bonus room above the garage. It’s a win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win-win floorplan!

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