I’ve Got a Case of the Mondays

So it’s only 9:06 a.m. and I’m already ready to go home. Isn’t that sad? I’m that disenchanted with my job right now.

In other news, today is Ace’s first day at his new job. He hopes beyond hope that he will have internet access so we can continue speaking during the day. Me too, man. A day with Ace is like a…day without Ace! And that just won’t do!

One of my favorite bloggers, Angie at Fluid Pudding is on vacation for the next two weeks. She will be sorely missed because she’s always good for a laugh when she tells stories. I was surprised that she listed Cootiehog as a place to visit – even more so by the fact that she said we’re a “clever married couple sharing a very entertaining blog!” Wow – we’re clever. I had no idea. Although if by “clever” she means “determined to share the most mundane of daily minutae to an unsuspecting visitor” then yes, yes we’re clever.

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  1. J has squeaky shoes today at work – Man they are loud !!! *lol* !!

    and Denis, I don’t know what to tell you – Nobody has answered you question since you posted it at 11:36am this morning …. however, you do make GREAT coleslaw …. does that help ?

  2. A day without Denis is a day without Denis! And that’s not good… =)

    I’m sorry I missed the cole slaw and potato salad (pausing to laugh b/c I almost added the Quayle E to the word potatoe). *lol*

  3. Mary, thanks for noticing that no one answered my earlier question. Too busy squeaking, I guess. Thanks for coming over and enjoying the sides.

    Next time you come by, Jen, we’ll have potato (with or without the e) and cole slaw just for you. And thanks for the shout out.

  4. Make me look bad, why don’t you. A day with no Denis is like a day with no sunshine. =) And no good food.

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